That Girl Press will not print your stationery before receiving written customer approval for printing. Please review your proofs COMPLETELY and CAREFULLY as your products will be printed as proofed. All approved proofs are final and any reprints due to errors will be at the cost of the client. Please note you will receive two complimentary revisions to your original proof. Each additional proof for any reason, thereafter is $10 each.

Please double check ALL of the following and ensure that all parts of the design are exactly as you want them. Place any corrections (wording, spelling, punctuation etc.) in the description area below.

• All the stationery items were included in the final proof PDF.
• Correct ink, paper and envelope colors were notated or shown.
• Correct fonts were used.
• All text is spaced properly.
• All text is formatted and aligned correctly.
• All wording/phrasing is typed correctly.
• All dates, names, titles, addresses, email & web addresses and telephone numbers are correct.
• All dates and addresses are spelled out (i.e. Street versus St.)
• There are no spelling or punctuation errors.
• All design elements (dimensions, folds, layers, embellishments, graphic elements, etc) are correct.

By submitting the form below you are attesting that you have reviewed your proof carefully.