Creative Calligraphy

I LOVE calligraphy, esp. hand calligraphy which is indeed an art. While I am working on it, taking classes even, I am not yet a hand calligrapher. Oh, I can manage to dash off my yearly holiday cards in a bit of hand flourishing but the effect is modest and I am pretty sure the wow factor is due to the fact that most folks on the list don't know it's quite terrible. So what do you do if you aren't handy with the steel nib. Well you can happily leave that to those amazing professionals who are. Then you can be giddy with joy when the box arrives and your envelopes are gorgeously addressed but should you have no one in your area or time to spare... consider a really good font. 


Rook's Script is a more formal style but still highly readable and very pretty. 

Janagrace is on the softer side of formal but still maintains more elements of calligraphy than a standard script.  

Affable is a great mix of traditional and quirky. A handwritten font but with an edge.

No hand cramps, sighs of despair or a stack of tear stained envelopes for you. Just the look and style of calligraphy at the touch your mouse