Sweet Tea and Fireflies

Ever been to Charleston? It's charming. Hot as all get out, but charming and the next stop on our summer vacay. 


We booked a little last minute so instead of staying in Historic Charleston we booked a Towne and Country Suites 15 minutes from downtown. Now I am ALL about pretty pictures so when these photos popped up I thought... noooo way. Well, let me you this place is a pretty as the pictures and the service was amazing!  And a special public service announcement for any brides considering the area. They love providing guest accommodations.   


And speaking of brides... I was very lucky to have been part of a gorgeous wedding at Boone Hall Plantation awhile back. So I was super excited about the tour we had scheduled there. Now if you have never seen it, the entrance to Boone Hall is startlingly beautiful. The oaks lining the drive are over 170 years old.    

avenueof theoaks.jpg

But the real beauty is in the back on the Cottondock. For a elegant rustic chic wedding. It is THE place. Just ask Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. The Cotton Docks most recent newlyweds!

After a hot day in the sun we were encouraged to have a glass of ice cold sweet tea. The lovely man at Boone Hall explained that the tea ( which was delicious by the way) was made in America's only remaining tea plantation, the Charleston Tea Plantation, only a couple miles away.

Now if you have the time, I highly recommend you take the tour. Not only is it really scenic with a trolley over acres and acres of gorgeous property, it's also incredibly interesting. So interesting in fact, that I almost missed it when, as our tour guide was winding up, he said and 'now don't forget to check out our neighbors at Firefly Distillery'. I thought... wait. What? Did he just say Firefly? As in Firefly Sweet Tea? My favorite adult summer beverage of all stinkin time?  Um... yeah. You wanna guess how fast we made it over to the neighbors?


I wont bore you with the details but I will leave you with a thought. Sweet Tea and Fireflies... is a match made in Heaven.