Reboot. Rebrand. Rebirth

There are three things I love in life, my family, good coffee and pretty paper. But I have to be honest with you, lately I have been having a really hard time keeping up with them all. Trying to balance between my kids, my marriage and my business... not to mention some semblance of a social life. It's been really hard and well, I am kinda falling down on the job over here. So after considerable thought, maybe some hair pulling, okay a lot of hair pulling, and a little teeth gnashing,  I decided that in order to survive and truly thrive some things were going to need to change.

First I thought I'd just simply stop doing laundry cuz, well I really don't like doing that but then the thought of sweaty boy clothes was a bit much. Then I thought I'd stop cooking but then I remembered I really like to eat. Alot. So that wasn't going to work. As the list of things I could cut down on continued, I realized my first thoughts were things I could stop doing for my family and NOT things I could manage better in my business. Sad isn't it?

When I started 2BSquared Designs, I had a simple idea. Make really pretty paper, really really well. Bless the heavens and stars because my philosophy seemed to ring a cord with people and my little shop grew beyond what I ever imagined it could. But then this funny thing started to happen. When you plant  something bountiful in the sun, and become less mindful of its growth, it tends grows unchecked. It grows wild. My little shop literally started to take over my life at a time when my sons needed me most and my husband was working harder than he ever has. I was living the paper dream baby but I am an army of one. I am the CEO, CFO and COO of me so it became super stressfuI too. Waking up at 4 am to get ahead of my clients. Going to bed at 2 am to get ahead of my projects. I got tired. I got sick. I got sick and tired. What I decided I needed was a new focus. Like focus- of- a- thousand -suns focus.

First step to my new laser beam of clarity? Deciding who I was. Was the work I was creating still who and what I wanted it to be? The answer in most part was yes. But could I be BETTER? The answer. You betcha. And because I can be better. Because I WILL be better... feel free to insert the bionic women theme song here ... I'd like to introduce you to...                         


That Girl Press is the old me but doing me a little bit better. The name change is a reflection of that process. Remembering who that girl really was. Most of the products you know and love will still be around but some of them will be going away. They will, in the coming months, excitedly be replaced by a completely new custom wedding invitation line, a brand new line of custom birth announcements as well as the offering of branding and logo design packages.  I hope you will follow That Girl Press on her journey. I promise you... it's gonna be the best days ever.